The York Scented Candle


    The York


    Say hello to our beautiful York candle, part of the CityScapes collection at ILLUMIGI.

    This large, concrete base candle has been hand crafted by our team on the North Yorkshire coast.

    Featuring our exclusive YORK fragrance, mixed with over 300 grams of natural Eco Soy Wax (sourced from British suppliers) and poured in to a concrete container that is made from our own in-house mould. 

    This candle is completely British made. We pour the concrete containers in small batches (just 2 or 3 per week), then leave them to set for 3 days before hand pouring over 300 grams of scented wax. The candle then stands for a further 7 days at room temperature before being made available for sale. This is to allow the wax to settle and the fragrance to infuse the porous container. 

    Concrete container is completely reusable - we can even refill this for you, if requested. 

    Includes exclusive ILLUMIGI concrete lid, that can be used as a coaster or plate for another of our candles. 

    • Net Weight: 300g
    • Dimensions: 13cm high and 10cm diameter
    • Made by hand at our studio in North Yorkshire, England
    • BURN TIME: Up to 60 hours
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    Scent profile in production

    • Self trimming wick (should remain 1/4 inch above wax without any intervention)
    • Clean debris from surface before use
    • Store in a cool/dry place 
    • Burn until large wax pool is created (max. 4 hours) 
    • More fragrance is released when wax is melted across the width of the container
    • Refer to Care Guide booklet in your package
    • Only light candles on a safe, heat proof surface, well away from items of clothing/fabrics/furnishings/plastics etc.
    • Keep away from animals (paws and tails are at risk!)
    • Keep away from children and vulnerable adults 
    • Do NOT light on or near soft furnishings, rugs, duvets etc. (looks great on Instagram but is highly dangerous!)
    • Keep melt pool clear of debris (dust and debris can cause uncontrolled burning)
    • Do NOT melt all of the wax - leave an inch or so at the base, else the wick will fall on to the glass during burning!
    • Do NOT leave the room when candle is lit - extinguish candle fully and ensure embers are extinguished each time you leave a room.
    • Do NOT leave unattended with children or animals nearby 
    • Do NOT light near flammable objects, plastic items, TVs, electronics etc. Each candle produces huge amounts of heat and will melt almost everything over time.

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