Our stylish tealights are the most perfect way to try our fragrances, without committing to larger sizes. 

You can also pair our tealights with other ILLUMIGI fragrance products or our Unscented NAkED collection, which offers warmth and light while allowing your tealights to carry the fragrance. 

Don't forget, there are lots of ways to utilise the powerful scent throw of our tealights - scatter them around the room (on heat proof surfaces of course) or group them together, near a fireplace, to create a warm glow with a scent that catches you as you walk by. 

Each of our 15g candles provides between 4 and 6 hours of fragrance release. Our unique, transparent containers are 100% Fully Recyclable in the UK.

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NAkED Tealight Pack

NAkED Tealight PacksHand poured UNSCENTED tea light packs, to go with our NAkED Concrete Tealight Holders or to be placed in any other standard fit ho...
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