Re Stocking for June 2021


Re Stocking for June 2021

We have some exciting news - it's just going to take a little longer to come to fruition!

The ILLUMIGI team are currently working on a completely new product collection for our amazing customers. 

Over the last 12 months, we've sold lots of candles using our super stylish matt black and matt white containers but, we've been wanting to expand our range for a while and 2021 feels like the perfect time.

Our current range of scented candles such as Lady Rose and Miss Apricot are being discontinued, to be replaced by something much more collectable and exclusive.

The in-house team at our North Yorkshire studio are currently putting the finishing touches to a brand new fragrance collection, with a bigger range of products but a more focused selection of 'made by hand' fragrances.

Our new collection will be completely unique and exclusive to ILLUMIGI clients, with carefully curated blends that will become our signature scents from 2021 to...forever!

Once launched, you will be able to collect scents in a variety of different home fragrances products from Candles to Diffusers and even Room Mists. No longer will you be confined to burning a wick, you'll now be able to explore our new fragrance collection via a multitude of beautiful and stylish home accessories, with longer life spans and more collectable styles.

Want to be the first to experience our new collection? 

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