ILLUMIGI Fragrances 2021


ILLUMIGI Fragrances 2021

At ILLUMIGI we pride ourselves on developing truly British Made home fragrance products, made and tested right here in the UK for our amazing customers.

Are Your Fragrances Exclusive?

Yes. As of May 2021 we are now only offering signature fragrances that have been developed specifically for ILLUMIGI. Most small candle makers buy from generic wholesalers or fragrance houses, we did too, but it's finally time to spread our wings and create some truly unique and beautiful home fragrance gifts for our deserving customers.

The first of our brand new signature scents for 2021 is 'In The Forest' - a summer filled, light and outdoorsy scent - available through our completely new product range...

Does This Mean You're Launching More Products?

Yes. Through-out 2021 we will be launching new categories, such as Reed Diffusers, Room Mist Sprays and eco friendly Refill bottles for many of our collections (with the exception of candles of course). These will all match with the new fragrances we are launching, so you will now be able to purchase diffusers that match your candles and even a room spray, to 'spritz' the spare room or entrance hall and enchant family, friends and guests.

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