About Us


Welcome to ILLUMIGI, 

We are the creators of beautiful and timeless home fragrance gifts, to be enjoyed by you, your family and your closest friends.

From our small studio on the forest filled North Yorkshire coast of England, our small team are always busy hand pouring luscious scented candles, lovely reed diffusers and stylish room mists.

All of our products are handmade in England, from the mixed by hand eco soy wax poured delicately in to each glass candle holder, to the carefully positioned labels, there's not a machine in sight!


When you purchase a home fragrance gift from ILLUMIGI, you're buying directly from the maker, a British Maker, living and working on the North Yorkshire coast of England.

Each ILLUMIGI home fragrance gift is unique to us, we hand pour each and every one, then package them as customers place orders via our website or over the phone. They're not plucked from an obscure warehouse on an industrial estate or pulled out of a box from the Far East - these are truly, 100% Made in England....more accurately...made in Yorkshire! 


From June 2021, ALL Illumigi fragrances are exclusive to us. We are now working with a professional fragrance maker to create a series of sumptuous signature scents, that are exclusive to our clients.

So, when you buy from ILLUMIGI, you'll know that our in-house team have been involved in the entire process, from the making of the pure fragrance oil, to the pouring of the final candle and even wrapping each of your items by hand at our North Yorkshire candle studio.

Keep your eyes peeled. We will be launching new fragrances every 3 to 6 months, each will be unique to us and you will most certainly not want to miss them! 


As we hand make each and every gift ourselves, at our own studio, you can be assured that each candle contains just an 'ickle' bit of love from one of our candle makers :) 

That means they may be 'perfectly imperfect' - we don't use machines, even the labels are applied by hand for each and every order. It's a slow process but we feel it's better this way.


At the very start of our journey, we made a conscious decision to try to eradicate plastic from our entire product range. 

With careful planning and clever sourcing, we've managed to avoid the use of plastic packaging tape, bubble wrap or plastic product containers in all of our items.

All ILLUMIGI products are delivered in recycled cardboard boxes, without tape! Each candle neatly slides out of a recycled and FSC approved cardboard tube.


As you are buying directly from the maker, you can be assured of truly five star customer service.

By email, telephone, live chat or through one of our many social channels, our customer service team are available 7 days per week to answer your questions or help, in the unlikely event that you have a problem with your order or if you have a special request.


Happy shopping


From Team Illumigi